noncronism; Rory Martian….

Hivemind - Someday Lounge - My Intuition / Solus (by cherrychomperdee)

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My new sounds:Waves

Playing with my BassPod…Good trip.

My new sounds:Waves


MK ULTRA Mind Control Revealed - The True Story (1998) (by Mike Fulmer)

NOFX- Kids of the K-Hole (by Alonso VĂ­quez)

YelaWolf - Lick The Cat (Feat. Diamond)[OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (by VelardeDonald)

Yelawolf - Pop The Trunk (by YelawolfVEVO)

The Casualties - 40 Oz. Casualty (1992 Full EP Completo) (by Alejandro Ahumada)

this is the beginning of hate yr state un backwards lol